Brendan Smith

After studying Geology in college, Brendan spent four years working in renewable energy consulting. Outside of work, Brendan developed a love of food and eventually became obsessed with the science behind sourdough bread. With this passion fueling him, Brendan decided to leave his desk job and learn to bake professionally. After honing his craft at Orchard Hill Breadworks in New Hampshire, Brendan moved back to NYC to run the bread program at Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn. Back in January, Brendan was given the opportunity to run a bakery in California and excitedly decided to move cross country to the sunshine state. Brendan currently lives in Santa Ynez, CA and is excited for the opportunity to promote good carbs throughout the valley and beyond. 


Rachel Greenspan

Since she was little, Rachel has been a lover of all things food related. After much debate of what path to take in college, she decided to study her passion, majoring in food marketing and sustainable business at New York University. From there, she immediately went into food sales, combining her innate ability to sell and chit chat with her desire to get into the food industry. Over the past five years, Rachel has worked with chefs all over the country, primarily in New York City, Seattle and Las Vegas, selling everything from wild mushrooms and truffles to farm fresh dairy. She continues to dedicate herself to sales while being involved in the managerial and social media aspects of Autostrada.